What kind of super exciting job does a small crab who lives on a beach want to do? He wants to be a lifeguard, of course! And not just any lifeguard. Brutus dreams of joining the famous dolphin lifeguard team! To his joy, the team accepts him into their training program. But can a little crab keep up with the larger and faster dolphins? Brutus tries his hardest to show he can do whatever the dolphins do, even if his ways are a little different. When Brutus is finally ready for the last training step he must complete before becoming a real lifeguard, he begins to run into some unexpected problems while trying to help rescue a sandwich and a sandcastle. With the captain of the lifeguard team watching, can Brutus manage to complete a successful rescue and join the dolphin team as a fellow lifeguard? Brutus thinks he can!



Brutus Wants to Be a Lifeguard is available for download for Nook through Barnes and Noble here and for epub through Smashwords here.