Thank you for visiting my website. There are a lot of different things you might find here – hopefully something that will brighten your day.

I have a lot of different interests, but as someone who sees connections everywhere, it’s always been challenging for me to limit my work to just one or a few “niches” as recommended by some entrepreneurial experts. Things like art, science, and spirituality can all be friends in the same blog post here!

Ironically, as someone with a website, I am a very private and introverted person. Thus, this about me page might be awkward, but I am also someone who is fascinated by learning about people’s backgrounds and why they do what they do and how they got to be where they are. So, in case you might be a little like that too, here ya go.

  • Love animals and nature.
  • Love drawing and painting animals and nature.
  • Love finding humor and the joy in life, so I also like to draw comics. My family is familiar with my talking toilets and flying blobs from space!
  • Love science and enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks about quantum physics.
  • Do use my bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in animal behavior and species preservation in the work I currently do as an art teacher, artist, and writer. Earning that degree was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
  • Went through training to be a certified nursing assistant years ago and have worked for over 20 years (paid and not paid) as a home caregiver for a family member who has disabilities requiring 24/7 medical care.
  • Christian since young child. God is the most important aspect of my life. I feel God more in the natural world than in church buildings where a highly sensitive person with strong empathic and discernment abilities (i.e. me) feels overwhelmed by the energies of emotions felt from others and the conflicting words and actions observed in the same people. This made church a place of chaos when I was a child and is one reason why I avoid churches to this day. I won’t say I’ll never join a church in the future, but I have yet to find one in which the church leaders and congregation speak authentically, and in which I would be genuinely and lovingly welcomed as a fellow member of God’s family rather than a number to add to the fold. I will write more about this and many, many other spiritual topics in my blog. In college I was taught when researching information for a paper, if you really want to get facts that are not filtered or even changed through opinion or bias in secondary sources like magazine and newspaper articles, the information that would be closer to true facts is found in the primary sources, which means things like original scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals or direct communications with experts in the field. For me, most pastors and church leaders in my experience are secondary sources I’ve seen filter God’s truths through their own personal opinions, fears, and egos. Jesus is my primary source of truth.

And, I love learning!

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental, population, and organismic biology (with a concentration on animal behavior and species conservation)
  • Diploma in writing for children and teens
  • Certificate in canine behavior consulting
  • Certificate in holistic life coaching
  • Certificate in therapeutic art life coaching
  • (Someday I’d like to add a certificate or degree in scientific or natural science illustration here)

Thank you for visiting and reading!